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Free Mobile Wifi: FreeWifi_secure on Android

I'm on France and decided to give Free Mobile a try. They offer good pack of service for € 20 / month. See: One important feature for me is having Internet at home, and the "Accès FreeWiFi illimitĂ©", or unlimited access to FreeWifi was what I was expecting to use at home. The problem is that I bought my cell phone in Brazil and it was not working with FreeWifi. This is related to how the connection works. See the links: But you may not need to do anything by hand on your phone. Just try FreeWifiConfig app: It will automatically configure your phone for connecting on FreeWifi_secure. BUT: 1 - Requires Free Mo

Winter of the World is on my Kindle!

Today Amazon sent the Winter of the World by Ken Follett to my Kindle! I think I'll not sleep for some nights. :-D