Do you want to become a pilot? Read me first.

Fly by wire is a book written by William Langewiesche that has, as a central history, the successful landing of Airbus A320 on the Hudson river on January 15 2009.

But this is only the central history of the book. The author has a very funny way of writing, and shares details about many people involved, like bird strikes specialists, air traffic controllers, Airbus engineers and test pilots. There is a very interesting analysis about impact of Airbus fly by wire system and how turbulent, and boring, can be the career of commercial pilots.

If you are considering becoming a pilot, read this book first. It can direct you to the right kind of pilot, or convince you that there are better ways of living.


Anonymous said…
I would say that I'm somewhat surprised by this reading outcome ... :-)
Peter said…
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Peter said…
The key point for me was that the main job of an airline pilot is follow very strict rules that makes pilot's life a boring routine. The focus is far from pilot fun, which may not be not a bad thing for passengers and airline companies. According to the book, for most airline pilots, who have no military background, the fun ends together with training. "If you want fun, go fly gliders or become a test pilot".

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