Script to add custom display resolution on Linux / X / Gnome

Toshiba R830-10P is a nice notebook as it lightweight, and very powerful, but the Graphics are poor. The integrated LCD has miserable resolution of 1366 x 768, and as it uses Intel HD Graphics 3000 it do not officially support high resolution displays such as 2560 x 1440.

See the problems I've faced to use high-res monitor here.

I made a script to help people with similar problem. If you have a monitor that is not officially supported by your video card, you can try this approach. You need to tune the Hz parameter to find one value that is supported by the hardware, that is comfortable and stable. For comfort the higher the Hz the best.

Please note that there is no warranty that this script works for you, and there is no warranty that this script is safe for your hardware. I'm quite sure that playing with Modelines can burn some old CRT monitors. I've never heard that you can burn LCD / LED monitors, but I'm not sure.

The script is available at:


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