Nov 3, 2015


I was a customer from November 2008 to November 2015. When I joined, they offered great service for the price, but the price is not interesting for at least two years now. Besides some minor technical issues, the company lost a lot when it was sold, maybe more than once. In 2008 there was a good feeling that they cared about me, and that they were always innovating. This has gone for a long time.

I've been avoiding to move to another provider because I was expecting a lot of pain. I don't have anything complex: 7 domains, and about 400 MB of static content. How to choose my next registrar and hosting provider?

Gandi SAS is a sponsor of the Kernel Recipes, a Linux kernel conference that happens every year in Paris. But, besides sponsoring the event, they go to the conference, which offers me the chance to meet people who works for Gandi, and I met them many times there.

About prices, was asking me € 157.54 ($ 172.66) to renew my hosting plan for one year. Gandi charged me € 57,60 for an equivalent plan. Saving € 100 is a nice way of starting the week. However I wasn't expecting to have to pay a to transfer the registrar of my domains to Gandi. The transfer added € 84.84 to the bill, with an average price of € 12.12 / domain. The good news is that the transfer adds one year to the period the domain is already registered which makes it a good deal as I would neet to pay € 13.68 ($ 14.99) per domain per year. So financially I saved € 15.16 immediately and an extra € 95.76 on the first year as my domains are renewed for one extra year.

Also Gandi registrar can handle all kind of top level domains(More than 500 now) while could not even register a .org when I needed one in 2012.

Comparing the interfaces, offers an icon based interface with one button for each action, while Gandi has a more efficient interface that allows you to do the same tasks in less steps.

It took me around 4 hours to have everything up and running at Gandi. Registrar and hosting problem solved until at least 2022.

Gandi efficient interface icon based interface