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Installing Sunray II server software on Centos 5.3

I spent many weeks trying to install Sunray server software on Linux. I was NOT able to make it work with Centos 5.3 x86_64. Maybe this is related somehow to GDM package but it did not work. It worked when using i386 version of Centos. See the step by step guide. 1 - Install Centos 5.3 i386 1.1 - If you have more than 3GB of installed RAM, run as root: yum -y install kernel-PAE 2 - Run as root: yum -y update reboot 3 - Download: from jre-6u13-linux-i586-rpm.bin from apache-tomcat-5.5.27.tar.gz from 4 - run as root: yum install glib dhcp openldap-clients openldap tftp-server libXp openmotif22 openssl compat-libstdc++-33 libusb-devel compat-openldap yum groupinstall "Development Tools" yum install kernel-devel 5 - run as root: cd /usr/lib ln -sf ln -sf ln -sf