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Fedora: Creating Debian chroot with ssh server

I use Fedora on the Desktop but I need to do some development on Debian. chroots gives you no performance overhead, while virtual machines gives you CPU and memory insulation. Also the chroot is only a directory on my development tree. I'm using Fedora 17 on my workstation and Debian 7 inside the chroot. The debootstrap command will save the files on the directory debian7-chroot/ under the current directory. 1 - Install debootstrap and dpkg on Fedora: Fedora # yum install debootstrap dpkg 2 - Create the basic Debian: Fedora # debootstrap wheezy debian7-chroot/ 3 - Enter your new Debian: Fedora # chroot /path/to/destdir 4 - Install additional useful packages: debian-chroot: # apt-get install locales less vim openssh-server sudo aptitude 5 - Configure openssh server to start server on port 2222: debian-chroot: # vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config Chage: Port 22 To: Port 2222 6 - Change root password debian-chroot: # passwd 7 - Return t