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Fedora: Booting Fedora LIVE to RAM

Fedora live images do not include the "Boot to RAM" option any more. This is not a big problem as the scripts needed to boot to RAM are still there. You just need to add  as boot option. To do that, highlight "Start Fedora Live" using the keyboard keys and press TAB to edit boot command line. Add and press Enter. Press TAB to edit boot command line Add:  Press ENTER

Fedora: Creating Arch Linux chroot with ssh server

I made a fork of a clone detection tool named CCFinderX . Two days ago I got a message from an user telling that the compilation was not working on Arch Linux. As some Kernel developers, such as Greg KH, has mentioned Arch Linux as being nice , I decided to try it. I prefer chroots over virtual machines due higher performance, and due the fact that I do not need insulation between my chroots. As for Debian, Fedora provides all tools needed to create chroots for Arch Linux. This is "very" nice, as one can setup the Arch Linux chroot in just a few minutes. The steps will cover installing Arch Linux tools on Fedora, creating the Arch Linux chroot, and configuring it with a new user and ssh server. Some data: Target directory for the chroot: /opt/arch Package groups to be installed: base base-devel (More groups available here ) User: peter ssh server port of the chroot: 2227 Note that the text refers to "[fedora] $" and "[arch] $", but this strings