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Swiss driving license exchange

For exchanging my Brazilian driving license for the Swiss one I needed to do a street test. The entire process is straightforward and efficient(The driving license arrived 48 hours after I passed the exam). There are many pointers of how the process works, so I'm not covering that in details. I think the only relevant detail is the canton: Zug. I have 15 years and 500.000+ km of driving experience, and I consider myself a very, very good driver. My "auto"-esteem is not related to agressive driving skills, but my focus on safety, understanding of the car, environmental awareness, and traffic flow. Just as an silly example, when I get a new car, I adjust the mirrors and do some experimenting to "see" in practice where the blind spots are on that car before I feel comfortable with the mirrors. I'm also on a lazy path to become an airline pilot, so I'm the guy really interested in the rules and what motivated them. I got my Swiss driving license on the f