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Techsolo TN-100 Gigabit Express Card Performance on Linux

This devices are detected on Linux and work out of the box, but are slow and get very hot. Maximum performance is just a little bit more than 500 Mbps which is very poor. My guess is that the poor performance is caused by the PCI  and not PCIe chipset: VIA Velocity VT6122 So if you have a choice, keep away from these devices.

My router runs Fedora - Part 1

My principle of 2017 For me 2017 is going to be the first year of the dog food. Eating your own dog food, or simply dogfooding, is reference to a scenario in which one uses its own creation to test and promote it. Until 2016 I was way too focused of being user of state-of-the-art, and I missed many interesting adventures. Let me go and catch up with how things really works. Why start with my router? I love OpenWRT, I really do. But you know what I miss there? systemd... My job transformed my negative feelings about systemd into some love. I would do anything to be far away from systemd an year ago, but now I like it. systemd had the chance to start again, and leaving 40 years of bash hacks in the past is... awesome! For a long time I was using a $ 20 router . This was the device in which I learned how to use and love OpenWRT. The only limitation of this cheap router is the 100 Mbps Ethernet ports which is a problem for the 200 Mbps I get from my ISP. The natural choice f